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Top venture capitalists talk about why they’re investing in PeerIndex on Seedrs


PeerIndex is a multi award-winning big data startup that is raising capital on Seedrs.

This is an example of a new sort of Seedrs campaign, where individual investors have the chance to invest alongside top venture capitalists. VCs Meridian Venture Partners and Anthemis Group are both investing in PeerIndex’s campaign.

Here’s what Mitch Pender (Meridian) and Sean Park (Anthemis) had to say about why they’re investing in PeerIndex and why other Seedrs investors may find it interesting as well:

Mitch Pender (Partner, Meridian Venture Partners)

Mitch held senior roles in a number of successful entrepreneurial technology businesses before becoming a venture capitalist. Here’s what he had to say about why Meridian is investing in PeerIndex:

Sean Park (Anthemis Group)

Sean is one of the most well-regarded and colourful investors in the European venture capital world. He began his career in investment banking and was an early investor in such successful businesses as Betfair and Zoopla. Here’s what he had to say about why Anthemis is investing in PeerIndex:

“Anthemis Group was an early investor in PeerIndex. We’re excited about the platform they have built and are pleased to see their vision gain traction in the marketplace as more and more businesses understand the value of social data analytics and the unique value proposition of PiQ.  “Big Data”, “data exhaust”, “social data” are buzzwords that have captured the public’s attention in the past couple of years, but actually building tools that can make these data resources useful is not trivial. Azeem and his team at PeerIndex have been amongst the few who have been able to cut through the hype and actually build analytical tools that drive real, positive outcomes for their clients.

Looking ahead, while the social data analytics and sales & marketing support markets that are the focus of PiQ are vast, we believe there are a number of interesting potential future use cases for the PeerIndex social data stack, including in areas such as identity, KYC and even credit scoring. While these are not currently the focus of the business, they represent interesting upside options for future development or licensing of PeerIndex technology.

Finally, when investing in startups, our experience has taught us that the single most important (controllable) factor in determining success is the quality and character of the founders. In the years we have been working with Azeem, he has proven himself over and over again to have the vision, grit and perseverance to guide and grow PeerIndex through all the challenges they have faced. We are excited about the Seedrs campaign and look forward to welcoming the new investors into the company.”

To view the PeerIndex campaign, please click here.


SHAREIGHT – A new Seedrs record

Over a 17-hour period from yesterday afternoon until early this morning, mobile shopping startup SHAREIGHT raised £350,000 from 95 investors. This was a remarkable achievement that shows just how powerful a well-executed equity crowdfunding campaign by a highly appealing business can be.

Shareight Seedrs

SHAREIGHT provides mobile curation for people to choose and recommend eight favourite items.

SHAREIGHT were able to galvanise such decisive support because they have spent considerable time building relationships with angel investors and the equity crowdfunding round fits into their overall capital raising journey.

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What makes a crowdfunding pitch successful?

With more and more entrepreneurs turning to crowdfunding to access key capital for their early growth, Marca Me got in touch with funded Seedrs startups to find out the secret behind a successful crowdfunding campaign. Some of their findings were too good not to share, so we’ve copied their blog article, below.

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Why women and crowd-funding will be the big love story of the decade

This post was written by Joni Farthing, founder of Women Outside the Box, which is currently seeking capital through Seedrs.

You know when a person comes into a room and you instantly know you are right for each other? That wonderful feeling when the whole world looks fabulous! Something deeply instinctive just clicks and you know you are in the zone, the flow, the – well, one of those good places anyway.

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