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Holiday survival guide from Seedrs

Still looking for the perfect last-minute gift for your loved-ones this holiday season? You’re in luck! We’ve compiled a list of offers, last-minute gift ideas and shopping tips for the savviest of gift-givers, from some of the most indulgent and interesting Seedrs-funded businesses.

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Marketing internship

Seedrs is growing quickly and we’d like to invite a recent graduate who is interested in breaking into startup marketing to join us. We’re offering a paid internship with a six month term so that you can get real experience and a solid taste of life inside a fast growing startup.

Marketing internship

You’ll get involved in all aspects of marketing Seedrs to startups and investors.

Seedrs is disrupting early stage startup finance by making it easier than ever before for startups to raise capital from their own communities and for investors to build a diversified portfolio of startups. Our marketing team builds communication with investors, startups and also helps startups communicate with their own community of potential investors. We take a holistic view of marketing so our branding, communication, public relations, growth hacking and even product design are all run together as a single team.

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Crowdfunding Europe – TechChill Baltics and Mini Seedcamp in Latvia

We set out to Latvia to connect with the local ecosystem as a part of our new European outreach and community building efforts. In this series, we’ll be sharing our travels to the diverse local startup eco-systems around Europe.

We decided to pay a visit to the Latvian capital after a couple of great tips from our friends at TechHub about how the local ecosystem has been developing in the past couple of years. The timing couldn’t have been better as TechChill Baltics – an event covering the Nordic and CEE startup scene was happening then as well. Also, Seedcamp was organising one of their Mini Seedcamp events the day before TechChill.

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Seedrs scales up marketing team with new CMO


I’m Peter Thomson the new Chief Marketing Officer for Seedrs. I’ve worked with Seedrs as an advisor for some time now and I’m excited to be joining the team full-time.

Peter Thomson

Peter Thomson Seedrs Chief Marketing Officer

I have known Jeff, Carlos and the Seedrs team since last year when we worked together on a user interface design project. I fell in love with the straightforward and transparent way that Seedrs brings entrepreneurs and investors together.

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How Dinnr saved the Seedrs Investment Director’s bacon

So, yesterday was my girlfriend’s birthday. Of course I remembered this, due to the 4 calendar reminders, the Post-it note on my computer monitor and the fact that she had sent me 3 texts the previous day reminding me that I had promised to cook her a ‘special’ dinner.

Now I am a busy man. Seedrs is growing at a very fast rate, and I don’t have a huge amount of free time in the day. Honestly. So you have to sympathise with me when at around 2.30pm yesterday it dawned on me that creating this special dinner was going to be a challenge, considering I had not yet bought any of the ingredients. And with back to back meetings until 6.30pm and a train to catch at 7pm, it was not looking good.

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What is Seedrs?

Jeff sat down with C21 Media, the company behind TechCityInsider, to talk in-depth about Seedrs, our approach to online investing, the UK’s startup ecosystem and building great businesses in Britain.

If you’re new to Seedrs and would like to hear from our CEO – it’s worth a listen over on SoundCloud. Click on What is Seedrs? above to access.

Bank Holiday Reading List

If you’re anything like us, you tend to get a little bored after a couple of days cooped up away from work. So, the team has compiled a Diamond Jubilee Bank Holiday reading list to keep your brain from going to mush.

ReWork – A great, very easy to read book about making things simpler by challenging convention and commonly accepted (inefficient) practices.

Steve Jobs – The Exclusive Biography – Read about what made Steve Jobs tick and grab little nuggets you can use for your own startup or business.

The Company – While a normally boring subject, this book engagingly reflects on the periods in history that have set the foundations for modern business.

Giants of Enterprise – Historical approach that examines seven ground-breaking CEOs who successfully managed cutting-edge technology and formed enduring corporate empires.

Wisdom of the Crowds – While many think that groups of people make poor decisions, the fact is that, under the right circumstances, groups are remarkably intelligent, and are often smarter than the smartest people in them. This book explores this concept with interesting examples.

Lean Startup – Great, practical advice for startups looking to optimise their limited resources. Anecdotes make sense and brings to light ideas you didn’t know you knew.

The Crowdfunding Revolution – A great book looking back at the history of “crowdfunding” as a natural response to a need for new funding mechanisms and a general expression of our collective human will.

Michael Arrington’s Pirate post – Legendary TechCrunch post about entrepreneurs being modern day, adventure-seeking pirates.

Paul Graham on pretty much anything but particularly Schlep Blindness and the Top Idea in Your Mind

Siding with the Angels – A rather academic report by the BBAA/NESTA on angel investing, but great figures and stats.

If there’s another business/investment site or book you’d recommend, do share it in the comments section below!

Welcome to the Seedrs blog

Three years ago, Carlos and I set out to build a platform that allows ordinary people to invest in startups in a straightforward and efficient way. The term “crowdfunding” hardly existed at the time, and while peer-to-peer lending platforms were already achieving some success, we knew that the legal and operational issues involved in doing equity would pose a much tougher challenge.

As we now approach launch, it’s fun to look back on the hurdles we’ve overcome to get to this point. Achieving FSA approval (making us the first equity crowdfunding platform anywhere in the world to get regulatory approval), raising over £1 million in our own capital, building an amazing product, hiring a brilliant team and meeting thousands of dynamic, supportive people along the way has been a truly wonderful experience.

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